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A document signing workflow for every situation

Not every document follows the same path to get signed, even with e-signatures. Some documents, like contracts or NDAs, are most often sent one at a time to specific recipients. For other documents, like an HR department sending a yearly employee handbook update, are sent all at once to a large group of people. And applications, for example, are often publicly available and are meant to be completed by anyone with access.

In this case, document signing online is no different than document signing in person. RightSignature includes features that allow your business to get documents signed online whichever way your business needs. Let’s take a look at the three ways RightSignature takes care of document signing online, and the strengths and situations for each.

Send a document over email

Most RightSignature documents are sent one by one through email. In this document signing method, you prepare a document for your signer or use a template you’ve already built, then send your signer a personal link to the document over email.

This method is the only way to get the same copy of the same document signed by multiple parties, such as a client and their spouse, or a loan application that needs to be countersigned by the loan officer. This is also the most personal method of sending a document, perfect if you want to use RightSignature to annotate a document for your sender before sending it out, or write your signer a personal message with signing instructions.

Mass-distribute a signing link

The second way RightSignature lets you do document signing online is by generating a share link. After building a Reusable Template in RightSignature, you can choose to generate a link — anyone with access to that link can then sign your document.

Distributing a share link is great for waivers, HR documents, and other forms that need to be signed by a lot of people all at once. You can send a share link to as many different parties as you want, and you can keep track of all your responses easily using the reporting features built into RightSignature.

Embed in your website

You can also place a RightSignature document directly into your website. That way, anyone who visits your website can use your e-signature tool for document signing online and quickly connect to your business. To embed a document in your website, just build a Reusable Template and create an embed code, then have your website admin place the code in the relevant page.

This feature is commonly used for documents such as rental applications, sales forms, or new client request letter. Similar to documents using a share link, putting a RightSignature document in your website is a great way to reach a lot of people easily. The difference, however, is that you don’t even need to know everyone you’re going to reach beforehand. Try combining this workflow with the Collect Payments feature to get a signed application and a receive your deposit fee at the same time!

Find out how e-signature software can be the key to an all-digital workflow for your business.

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