Electronic contracts are a snap with RightSignature

Getting contracts signed online faster helps your business even more than you might think

  • Speed up your pipeline and pursue more deals 
  • Close quickly while your lead is most excited 
  • Improve compliance the quick, easy way

No credit card needed

Electronic contracts help kick your team into top gear

Sales is a fast-paced field, and every competitive advantage helps. Tools like CRM and online meeting software help you track leads and deliver a personal touch immediately, speeding up your sales pipeline considerably. But when it’s time to close the deal, if your organization needs to get a contract signed, all that momentum can slow down to a halt while your customer looks for a printer or a fax machine, or waits for your contract to arrive by mail.

RightSignature lets you send electronic contracts to your leads that will arrive immediately. You can even review the contract and walk them through it while you’re still on the phone, and your customer can sign and return the contract completely electronically in minutes. This time savings can have a number of benefits for your business.

Sign contracts online and speed up your pipeline

Faster sales means more sales. The quicker you can close each lead, the more time you have to prospect for more potential customers, or take an extra call on a busy day. That time savings can translate directly into higher sales numbers.

Strike while the iron’s hot and your lead is most excited

There’s nothing worse than your customer getting cold feet at the very end of your deal. If you have to wait to get a contract signed, that’s one more opportunity for your lead to get sidetracked with questions or lose enthusiasm. Electronic contracts, signed online with RightSignature, give you the power to close with more certainty on the spot.

Electronic contracts simplify compliance

Since it’s so much easier to sign online contracts, more businesses decide to send electronic contracts as well. If your businesses might benefit from a legally binding sales contract but it isn’t considered cost efficient, consider RightSignature. Electronic contracts from RightSignature can give you the best of both worlds.