An online signature tool with a friendly face: RightSignature professional custom branding

Leading custom branding options help you build trust with your clients

  • Show clients your logo, not ours: a personalized online signature tool
  • Make your RightSignature document look like part of your website
  • Prove it’s authentic with a photo of you on every document you send

No credit card needed

Putting your best face forward with custom branding

How do you add a personal touch when talking to your clients online? Distance can make establishing trust across different tools a problem, and using a winking emoji in your business emails is not exactly a professional move. Sometimes, the right way forward is to use the best tool for the job: for an online signature tool, that means professional custom branding.

Branding options are important for your company because your clients are important to your company. If you’re serious about establishing great relationships with your clients and retaining them for years to come, it’s essential to use every opportunity available to appear as professional as possible. Without custom branding, your clients may not have a clear sense of what they’re signing and treat your important business documents as spam. With these features, though, you can stay in control of what your client sees so they know every document comes from a trusted source.

Add your logo to every request

When you use an online signature tool to send your client a document to sign, the first thing your client sees is an email requesting their signature. You might put the document itself on your company’s letterhead, but unless you can put your logo on that initial email, you have to hope that your client trusts your online signature tool, because they might not be sure if the request is coming from you. RightSignature allows you to put your logo in your request emails as well as on the signing page itself, so your clients can move forward with full confidence.

Put your company’s colors front and center

Your client is familiar with your website. Your client is probably much less familiar with which online signature tool you use. Why not take the guesswork out and change the colors of your e-signature tool so it looks more like your website? It’s easy to do with RightSignature.

Say cheese, and smile for your clients

We like to say that the guided signing experience from RightSignature makes filling out and signing documents as easy and mistake free as if you were in the room with them, guiding them along. But what about the personal touch of seeing your face? Thankfully, RightSignature lets you add a photo to each document you send, so you can continue to build a personal relationship with your clients, even from far away.

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